How to Delete your Apple ID

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Delete Apple ID

Many of you want to delete their Apple ID but don’t know how to? Well we have got you covered through this tutorial. There are very rare cases you might want to delete Apple ID (I’ve few of my relatives asking me this question every time because their kids App Store purchases are leading to huge Credit Card bills and want to delete their Apple ID…How cruel of them, because there are other ways to solve those problems). There is no way provided by Apple using which you can delete Apple ID. So officially you cannot delete your Apple ID but we have a workaround to do so. Move past the break for the tutorial.

How to delete Apple ID

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Computer and Select “View Account” from the top corner  menu as shown below as shown below. If you have not logged in you must first sign in to get the menu. Make sure the right Apple ID is logged in which you want to delete.


Step 2: Under the “Apple ID Summary”, click on edit in front of “Payment Type” and change the payment type to “None”. This way your Credit Card information or any other payment information will no longer be linked to your ID. Now click on edit in front of “Billing Address” and change it to any random address or just leave it unchanged, it doesn’t matter. Lastly click on “Deauthorize All” button to unlink all the computers attached to your Apple ID.


Step 3: If you are using iTunes in the Cloud scroll down and under the “iTunes in the Cloud” click on Manage Devices and remove all devices then click on “Turn Off Auto-Renew”. These options might vary for different users so simply move on to next step.

Step 4: Sign Out your Apple ID from the menu as shown below.


Step 5: Move on your iOS device where you have signed using your Apple ID. Go to Settings->iTunes & App Stores. Tap on your ID and select “Sign Out”. Now go to Settings->iCloud and select “Delete Account”.

Step 6: This step might seem irrelevant but it is the most important part. We will create a temporary email address to replace your Apple ID email address with it. From your computer visit and copy the email address showed in the page. Don’t close the website as you will be needing it.

Step 7: Visit and click on “Manage your ID”. Sign in with your and under the “Apple ID and Primary Email Address” click on edit. In place of your email address paste the email address that you copied in previous step and hit enter.

Step 8: Select the window that you had opened in “Step 6″. You will see an email from Apple. Open it and click on the verification link which will take you to login page. Use your new email ID obtained from “Step 6″ and same password to log in.

After you complete all the steps, the Apple ID doesn’t contain your information and is of no use. So it is as good as deleted and you can forget about it without any worry. We have made the tutorial in such a way that you can use your same email address to create a  new Apple ID. Hope your were able to follow the guide and delete Apple ID. If you come across any problem, let us know in the comments section.